Yeah, here we go! I dont have to remind you, how important for dancers is their look. We’re communicating through our dance but we also represent a certain culture of the way we dress. Every single colour has a meaning. The BOOM-Wear clothes are perfect for dancers! If we would like our dance to be unique… Read More

Bad Bug’s Art (Philipp Rietz, Germany) Digital Artist and Web Developer. Works as a freelance creative,  does magic illustrations and performs design experiments.     BOOM-Wear : How did You start your designer hobby and what is the history of your nickname? Answer: Hehe, there is really sense behind it … The whole project was a bit more fun.… Read More

Peter Stylianou (Pete Sake Designs, Paphos, Cyprus) Graphic and Multimedia Design graduate with passion for illustration and creative design. Highly creative and multi-talented with experience in both digital and print design with a drive to always learn new techniques and softwares and use them.   BOOM-Wear: Hi Peter. Can you remember the moment when you… Read More

10. Christmas Deer?! WTF I know that Christmas time is over, but just look at that Christmas „deer”-rodent funny kind of thing! It’s just too sweet. Are those the Shrek’s Cute Cat eyes? 😀   9.Psychedelic Medusa Psychedelic jellyfish might not be funny but I think it’s not an everyday thing to see a sweatshirt with… Read More

JBJart (Justyna Jaszke, Krakow, Poland). Information broker graduate, artist, graphic designer, photographer, poet. Her clothes are really diverse. JBJart designs patterns with watercolour animals, original fractals, textures, skylines and world maps.   BOOM-Wear: How to become a Full-Print Fashion designer? Which tools are necessary to do what you do best? JBJart (Justyna Jaszke): Well, you gonna… Read More

10. Popcorn Popcorn is addictive. Anyone who has ever eaten a whole XXXL huge popcorn during 1h30min movie knows the deal. This Popcorn Designer Food T-Shirt is addictive as well, it’ll make you wanna buy another tee real soon. Be careful with this one!     9. Folk Corn It isn’t a typical food t-shirt.… Read More

Hey folks. Today we’re going to explain all issues regarding the technique of making full-print / all-over clothing. Hopefully this article will resolve your doubts about the quality of that type of garments. Sooooo, let’s move on!   It’s really hard to decline that full-print clothes don’t look amazing. As a matter of fact they… Read More

Hi everybody! Hola, bonjour! We got a wonderful day today and guess why? THE BOOM-WEAR.CO.UK is on and it’s here to bring you: * the craziest clothing on Earth * psychedelic and mind-blowing streetwear patterns * new inspiring designs and suppliers every now and then * exclusive sale offers * ideas on how to be… Read More