JBJart (Justyna Jaszke, Krakow, Poland). Information broker graduate, artist, graphic designer, photographer, poet. Her clothes are really diverse. JBJart designs patterns with watercolour animals, original fractals, textures, skylines and world maps.


BOOM-Wear: How to become a Full-Print Fashion designer? Which tools are necessary to do what you do best?

Fractal Sweatshirt JBJ Boom Wear

JBJart – Great Bang Fractal Sweatshirt

JBJart (Justyna Jaszke): Well, you gonna need a camera, even the mobile phone one, or just a pen and a sheet of paper. The most important is your idea for the project that later becomes a photography, graphic or drawing. Graphic programs might be useful but aren’t essential. For creation of my fashion, I use photos, graphics, drawings and graphic programs as well so the end result is the best possible :).


If a mobile phone camera is enough, an idea is really all you need. Tell me what camera and graphic programs do you use?

I currently use just a Fuji compact camera. The photo quality is good enough, and the camera itself is light and handy :). I also use free graphic software, such as Inkscape, Gimp, Apophysis and RAW Therapee.

Question? Opinion? Feedback? Feel free to post any comment! JBJ would be more than happy to answer!