Rafal Rola (Lublin, Poland). Philosophy graduate, artist and fashion designer. His art consists mainly of portraits full of organic textures, light and darkness; being present in diverse elements of composition. 




NASA Bear All Over Print Tank Top

Rafal’s NASA Bear Tank Top (available in BOOM-Wear Shop).

Boom-Wear: They say that one of the biggest compliments you can say to an artist is “dude, your style unmistakable and unique”. Well Rafal, your style is unmistakable and unique.

Rafal Rola: I have been striving for creating my own, unique style for some time. As a matter of fact I am still working on it. All the time I experiment and try to enhance it.


I guess that this process is rather spontaneous but every artist gets inspired by something. Where does Rafal Rola look for inspiration?

Every single thing that surround us is somehow inspiring. I draw inspiration from music, movie and people around me. If I was to name some artists, there would be Witkacy, Beksinski and Giger


Why did you pick Star Wars as a main theme of your latest fashion collection? Somebody could say that it’s boringly popular but you decided to make the most of it.

For me Star Wars are very inspiring. The aesthetic of the series is thrilling! I am a big fan of Ralph McQuarrie – the guy behind the Star Wars’ visual style. I decided to mix my style with the world of George Lucas and present it in a unique way. I dare say that I succeeded. This year I was surprised to get a message from Disney Lucasfilm Press. I participated in one of the projects related with the upcoming “The Force Awakens”. Although the design brief changed, I still consider it a great success.


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Rafal’s Stormtrooper The Force Awakens Sweatshirt